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About us

Our club's journey began with a bunch of netball loving expats, determined to set up the first club in The Netherlands

They decided to set up a netball club in Amsterdam in 2014 - ANC was born and we haven't looked back since!


​ANC now has more than 60 regular members from all over the world. We regularly play social netball matches and host focused training sessions to develop players’ skills. We also compete in international tournaments with like-minded clubs all over Europe! Often finishing in the top three, we think ANC are ones to watch on the amateur European netball scene.

Our mission is to:

Offer a friendly, safe and inclusive environment to all our members

Encourage members to grow and evolve their netball skills

Develop netball in the Netherlands by setting up a national league

Unite fellow amateur European netball clubs and encourage the growth of netball in Europe by hosting an annual international tournament

Have as much fun as humanly possible


Meet the board

ANC is run by a board of volunteers, who are elected every three years and are all also members of the club.


Lucy Oates

The surveyor of all things ANC-related. From meetings with the Gemeente to organizing tournaments, to thinking of new, innovative ways to expand the club, she does it all!

Fun fact! Lucy loves cats and has a cat called Smeagol

Grace Richmond

She is responsible for all club related communications and administrative tasks. She's the go to person for all member queries and has a handle on all things ANC.

Fun fact! Grace is a huge foodie!

Blair Radford

He is our all-round financial magician. He makes the book-keeping seem like a walk in the park, which is not always the case!

Fun fact! Blair is a born traveller!