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About us

Our club's journey began with a bunch of netball loving expats, determined to set up the first club in The Netherlands

They decided to set up a netball club in Amsterdam in 2014 - ANC was born and we haven't looked back since!


​ANC now has more than 60 regular members from all over the world. We regularly play social netball matches and host focused training sessions to develop players’ skills. We also compete in international tournaments with like-minded clubs all over Europe! Often finishing in the top three, we think ANC are ones to watch on the amateur European netball scene.

Our mission is to:

Offer a friendly, safe and inclusive environment to all our members

Encourage members to grow and evolve their netball skills

Develop netball in the Netherlands by setting up a national league

Unite fellow amateur European netball clubs and encourage the growth of netball in Europe by hosting an annual international tournament

Have as much fun as humanly possible


  • How do I become a member of Amsterdam Netball?
    Go to our memberships page, and sign up! Easy peezy. If you have any additional questions, contact us here.
  • What are the training days and times?
    The club usually meets twice a week. Thursdays 19:00 - 21:00 and Sundays 10:00 - 12:00 Open sessions are held on the first Sunday and second Thursday of every month. These sessions are open to anyone interested, but please make sure you sign up, which you can do on our memberships page.
  • What are the membership options?
    Yearly membership is € 200 - Head on over to the memberships page, to learn more and sign up!
  • Do you play regular competitive games?
    You bet we do! Since we started, our aim was always to compete with other teams. We've played in various international amateur tournaments. We also join in national tournaments hosted by clubs around the Netherlands like Utrecht Netball Club, Rotterdam Netball Club, Maastricht Netball and Den Haag Netball. In addition, we’re always looking to play competitively in the next amazing tournament in France or Spain
  • Eek! I haven’t played for more than 5 years! Or ever! Can I still join?
    For sure! We are an all-inclusive club and welcome players of any skill level. Our only conditions are that you want to have fun, make friends, and work hard to improve your skills!
  • Where do you train?
    We usually play in Amsterdam West, at Sporthal Laan van Spartaan.
  • What is the skill level?
    The skill level is a total mix and we welcome all players regardless of ability. We have members who had never even heard of netball until they met us, and others who used to represent their home country’s national team.
  • Do you have socials?
    Heck yeah! Apart from being a team, we’ve also become a close-knit netball family. We organize a big social event once a year, host fundraisers and have social games with partners. In addition, our Whatsapp group has become a great starting point for members to network, go to concerts together, or even just a casual Friday movie night.
  • Do you train all year round?
    Generally yes! Though there is a compulsory summer shut down period of 6-7 weeks because the Sports hall closes for the summer. Each year the date can change slightly but its normally from mid July until the last week of August. Also during the winter holiday season we normally take a break due to many players returning to their home countries for 2-3 weeks.

Meet the board

ANC is run by a board of volunteers, who are elected every three years and are all also members of the club.


Victoria Hobdale

To see how far the club has come in that time is amazing. We are now heralded as the largest amateur club on mainland Europe! It's a friendly mixed ability club where everyone whatever level is respected and that really makes us special. It's my honor to be president of such an amazing club that also brings so much joy to so many people.

Fun fact! Victoria volunteers at her local cat shelter every Sunday

Mack Moosa

I do everything finance related like our budget, looking at the tournament, fees for the year etc. I also look at memberships and like to make sure everyone feels welcome at the club. Amsterdam netball was such a changing point in my move to Amsterdam. It made me meet amazing friends that i still have after being nearly 6 years here. It was instrumental in me loving my time being here. 

Fun fact! Mack is a cat and dog dad to his two boys Albus and Alex.

Our dedicated volunteers

We have an army of volunteers working in the background to ensure that the club runs smoothly and to help out the board.

We always appreciate volunteers to help out with:


  • Running training sessions

  • Welcoming new members and hosting Orientation Sessions

  • Organising special events and international tournaments. 

  • Managing social media

Want to contribute?

Everybody's good at something - whether it's organising, designing, or just cheering people on. If you have a special skill, like designing info packages, project management, or a creative eye for photography, we would love to work with you! Just let us know what you can contribute to the club

Neball in The Netherlands

Netball in the Netherlands

Netball has come a long way in The Netherlands, and we now have a club in almost every major city! If you don't live in Amsterdam, we hope to see you at one of these clubs!

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