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Amsterdam Netball Club (ANC) is looking for new board members!

We are looking for at least three official board members who are keen to continue – or improve upon! – the great work that has been done by some dedicated volunteers since the club was founded.

Our club's journey began with a bunch of netball loving expats, determined to set up the first club in The Netherlands

They decided to set up a netball club in Amsterdam in 2014 - ANC was born and we haven't looked back since!


​ANC now has more than 60 regular members from all over the world. We regularly play social netball matches and host focused training sessions to develop players’ skills. We also compete in international tournaments with like-minded clubs all over Europe! Often finishing in the top three, we think ANC are ones to watch on the amateur European netball scene.

Board role descriptions

Download this PDF to read more about the role description of each board member, and find out which one 

is a good fit for you!


Curious what being a board member might be like? Our current President, Lucy, spills the beans…

“I think there are two main parts to being an ANC board member: the practical and the emotional."

A day in the life of … ANC President!

The logistics are one thing. Practical things include booking courts, organizing tournaments, planning training sessions, checking our equipment is available and in the right place, arranging socials… These sort of things take on average a couple of hours a week, sometimes more and often less. It’s not always our responsibility to do all of the work, but it is up to us to make sure the work gets done by either us or our members. The busier periods (in non-COVID years) include the lead up to tournaments – especially when we’re hosting our own tournament. But this is also a really fun period – lots of our members get involved in the planning and it’s so amazing to see such a big event come together on the day.


The other thing is less easy to describe… It is more challenging but also more rewarding, and it’s related to the feeling of responsibility you have for the club. You really want all the members to love the club. You want people to feel welcome and involved. You want ANC to continue to be a leader in growing netball in Europe. And of course, you want the netball to be fun. Some of the things board members do to help with this include participating in training sessions and socials, keeping in touch with other clubs (and helping them out where possible), and most importantly, having fun yourself!”

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