First session of 2018 and brunch – a poem


written by Lucy Oates


‘Twas the week after Christmas, and all through NL
Netballers prepared for the run-around from…well,
Let’s just say having rather enjoyed Christmas fare
They hoped that their netball skills still would be there.



Their partners (and cats) were still snug in their beds
As one team donned blue and the other donned red.
They took to the court as Chief Delle blew the whistle –
Hayley’s first centre pass shot off like a missile!

Into the circle Mack flew like a flash,
And popped in a goal after a great feed from Tash.
Back to the centre ran Blythe with the ball
At the peep of the whistle, “Here!” Inge did call.



Though Sally and Natalie defend like a dream,
Tania and Jaz make an unstoppable team.
They shot goal after goal (swish went the net),
And so did Nadine – wow, she poses a threat!

They saw first-rate defence, so lively and quick,
From Marie and Hannah and Julia and Vic,
And more rapid than eagles the attackers did sprint –
Of tiredness and fatigue Charlie showed not a hint!

With a jump and a stretch, the next team took the court –
Of the high standards set, they did not fall short.
Lucy and Lauren scored shot after shot,
And of interceptions Grace made rather a lot!



As did Ciara, who shone in defence,
While Sophie was feeding like she had a sixth sense.
The teams cheered and shook hands, but the day was not done –
Still in store was yet more New Years’ netball fun!

Exhausted and hungry, but refreshed and proud too,
They jumped on their bikes and to Oud-Zuid they flew,
In search of iets lekkers on which to munch,
And there waited Alison with (you guessed it!) brunch!



There were pies and quiche worthy of highest esteem,
And brownies and warm scones all covered in cream.
There was fruit too, and yoghurt, and all sorts of cheese
(“We ran for an hour, we can eat what we please!”).

Whilst the netballers ate, they went straight to their work:
The tireless committees – no task do they shirk!
Announcements and updates were shared over cakes
(They not only play ‘ball but to boot everyone bakes!).

With brownies in hands and sweaty faces so keen,
They spoke of fun to be had in 2018!
They heard tales of tournaments in faraway lands
In places where netball is played on the sands.



They heard too of quizzes and raffles and prizes,
And all sorts of great plans in all shapes and sizes.
Then they sprang to their feet and raised coffees to toast
(Forgive us, for here a small well-deserved boast!):

“To the best netball nesties on all of the earth,
Thanks for the exercise, gezelligheid and mirth.
Cheers to us!” they cried, and they closed with a call:


Match stats:

Team One: Nadine, Mack, Hayley, Charlie, Tash, Natalie, Sally
Team Two: Tania, Jasmine, Blythe, Inge, Hannah, Vic
Team Three: Lauren, Sophie, Grace, Lucy, Marie, Julia, Ciara

Game one:
One vs Two: 20-14 team One win

Game Two:
One vs Three: 15-14 team Three win

Game Three:
Three vs Two: 15-7 team Three win

“This contribution was written by our Resident Netball Poet, Lucy. Lucy likes Netball,  cats and cheese. Lucy does not like sauce from squeezy bottles.”


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