Member interview: Jasmine

 An exclusive interview with one of our favorite Amsterdam Netball expats!

Netball in the Netherlands

Jasmine Sue, at 28 years of age, is one of our star expats, having joined Amsterdam Netball precisely one year ago.

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, she has spent the past three years working and traveling her way through Europe and sadly for us, plans to head back home to start planning and saving up for her next big adventure….whatever that might be!

Blythe Forde (also a star expat) has decided to have a chat with Jasmine to get some insight into her perspective and experience with the club and to find out what impact Amsterdam Netball has had on her time here in The Netherlands. 

Q. Soooo Jasmine, what initially brought you to Amsterdam?

I arrived in Amsterdam in April 2017 after living in London for two years. I wasn’t ready to go back to Australia just yet and wanted to prolong my European lifestyle a bit longer and the Netherlands has quite an easy application process in terms of working holiday visas! Amsterdam was never in my original plan but I’m so glad that it worked out as I love the city!

Q. How did you first find out about Amsterdam Netball?

My boyfriend discovered the club’s Facebook page. I had played socially and competitively in London and was worried about how I would stay fit in Amsterdam and he somehow came across it! I thought I might as well give it a go. If I didn’t like it, I just wouldn’t attend a second session!

Q. What were your first impressions of the club? (and don’t be afraid to be completely honest here)…

I was actually pleasantly surprised! We were playing in the bubble dome at that time and the court was very dodgy, haha. It didn’t surprise me that the club is formed of expats from the Commonwealth (ex-Commonwealth) countries and the playing ability was better than I had expected and hoped! Plus I was happy about the prospect of making new friends!

Q. From the get go, you quickly established yourself as a leader within the club. Have you always been a natural leader? And what was it about the club that motivated you to get involved?

Yes, in some ways I consider myself a natural leader. Public speaking doesn’t phase me and I like to objectively (and sometimes subjectively) put my opinion forward if I feel it is warranted! I was motivated to get involved to stay fit and make some new friends!

Q. What were some of the things you wanted to achieve or get out of Amsterdam Netball? Was it simply to make new friends and keep fit, or perhaps more ambitiously to participate in tournaments and/or help others develop their skills?

I’d say a combination of all the above, but particularly to keep fit doing something I love and making new friends. I’ve played for over 20 years so when I haven’t played in a while, I get very restless! Most recently, I have been focused on training club members who haven’t played for very long or who are looking at improving their skills. I have not coached formally so taking all my years of experience to help others has been very rewarding.

Q. Were there any stand out contributions or perhaps a legacy which you think you might have affected? 

I’ve tried as much as possible to assist in areas that I have felt needed the most improvement such as umpiring and skills training. I’m hosting a shooters workshop in a couple of weeks and really hope that this will help several of the members in their playing ability but also their confidence.

Q. Do you have any key highlights from your time with Amsterdam Netball? (both sporty and social)

Playing in Amsterdam’s first netball tournament in September 2017 was amazing! So glad to have been a part of it and hope it is an indication of good things to come as I feel that the club is going from strength to strength. Socially, the Xmas party and just weekend brunches. The club has opened a social circle for me in Amsterdam that I am so happy to be part of.

Q. Sadly, you are leaving us 🙁 Please say it ain’t so!

I leave in April 2018 as my working holiday visa is expiring and to be with my boyfriend, we need to go back to Australia – perhaps only for now! Who knows? We could be back one day!

Q. Finally, what impact did Amsterdam Netball have on your time here and on Dutchie life in general?

It’s the “gezelligheid” feeling that the club and members has left with me, that’s for sure. I’m so sad to be leaving and hope to remain in touch with all my new friends! Hoping for a reunion!

Jasmine’s farewell party is happening on April 14th at Cafe Parck on the Overtoom from 8pm onwards. Be sure to come along to send off one of our favorite Amsterdam Netball contributors. You will be missed Jasmine! xo

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By Blythe Forde

Blythe Forde is a member of Amsterdam Netball and regular content contributor.