Kingsday 2018

How did our members experience Kings Day?

Ah King’s day. That one day in a year where and orange shirt fits every skin tone, and you can day drink without feeling guilty. Our members definitely had a grand old time celebrating the King’s birthday:

Natalie (GK, GD)

“We decided that for our first Kings Day we would simply join the masses by dressing in orange and heading into the town to share in the festivities. We walked around the family friendly Vondelpark before heading to the Amsterdam Streets and Canals to enjoy a few beers above the bridges of Prinsengracht as the boats sailed below”



Mirinda (WD, GD)

“On Kings Day I explored the streets of Amsterdam walked 30,000+ steps with a group of International students who I study with, for our last Kings Day in Amsterdam. To begin we walked through all the markets in Vondelpark and then went to a few of the free festivals all around the city and just explored all the different things that were happening everywhere. Every time we turned a corner there was something new and exciting. It was definitely a Kings Day to remember!”




Blythe (C, WA)

“To someone who has never experienced King’s Day before, there is much to wrap your head around. From kids dressed up as hotdogs, to mature grown ups consciously jumping into canals, there’s a lot that’s unique to a nation coming together to celebrate their monarch’s birthday. Nevertheless, there was no better way to add a touch of orange to your outfit and embrace this Dutch tradition with a few swigs of your favourite brew along the way. A nice sore head to endure on the netball court the day after, that is for sure!”


Kat (C, GD)

“we went to our friends house for cocktails and brunch and then wondered to the Jordaan. Bar hopping along the canal, drinking beers and dancing at the different stages! Oh and looked at the markets in the morning”





Want to share your Kings Day? Let us know in the comments what you got up to!

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