Amsterdam Netball Club makes its mark on the European circuit

Amsterdam netball club tournament

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, Amsterdam Netball will host its third annual international tournament with a total of 18 teams competing for the tournament championship. Having confirmed a total of six Dutch clubs and twelve European teams arriving from destinations including Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and the UK, it has fast established itself as one of Europe’s biggest amateur mixed netball tournaments.

Amsterdam Netball’s tournament reputation built over the past two years as a professionally run event, saw clubs quickly securing their place, with many other clubs unfortunately missing out on the first come, first served basis. So with the tournament booked to capacity and a nice feeling for Amsterdam Netball to have such demand, it also suggests a lack of opportunities available for European amateur clubs to compete at a local level.

Amsterdam Netball Club tournament organiser, Fay Beighton, has helped coordinate the event for the past three years and is pleased with the new mix of clubs attending this year. “We have lots of familiar faces returning: Paris, Berlin, Munich, to name a few. And we have two teams coming from Switzerland who are new entries to the Euro/expat circuit. I am also very excited to see Oceania back in the mix. They weren’t around last year but are returning to defend their championship title back in 2017.”

As an integral club member to ensuring a seamless event, Fay is very keen to continue the success the tournament has achieved in previous years. “As one of the organisers, I naturally hope that everything runs smoothly. I am in netball for the social buzz, so I would also love for everyone to finish the day on a high, no matter where they place.”

Sophie Tarif, who is in her second year of coordinating the tournament, relishes the opportunity to play competitively against clubs outside of the Netherlands. “It’s been a really fun experience to help take Amsterdam Netball Club to an international level. And I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to play a full day of netball against some familiar teams across Europe, as well as welcoming new faces. It’s a great atmosphere when everyone gets together. All our players and umpires have travelled far and wide to be here and we’re hoping they have the best experience possible. But it’s really just about picking up a bib and playing, right!?”

Amsterdam Netball Club’s third annual tournament will be held this coming Saturday 12th of October, 2019 at Sportshallen Zuid, Amsterdam from 9.00 to 18.00.

By Blythe Forde

Blythe Forde is a member of Amsterdam Netball and regular content contributor.