Training Calendar

Training Calendar

The training calendar includes all trainings, matches and events held by Amsterdam Netball. 

Please note that the events displayed on this page are only open to members of Amsterdam Netball Club. If you would like to find out more about the club please visit the memberships page


Amsterdam Netball 2020 Year Planner

January - June 2020

***Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the below overview is no longer valid. All activities between March 13th and June 30 2020 are cancelled.*** The remainer of 2020 will be sheduled on a week by week basis to ensure we can account for any changes to COVID-19 measures. 

Summer - Autumn 2020 - no longer valid

The Summer and Autumn seasons are a mixed bag - There are sometimes still tournaments happening in July - but otherwise summer is about connecting with fellow members both on and off court. Lots of court time for our members plus some great social events before we break for summer. In Autumn we work towards our highlight of the year - The Amsterdam Tournament!!