Inside the mind of a travelling nestie


A trip across the Baltic has become an annual tradition on Amsterdam Netball’s tournament calendar, as we get to know our Nordic neighbours and maintain a healthy rivalry that’s endured since our first outing back in 2016. Alternating between Stockholm and Copenhagen every year, 2019 will see two of its finest and brightest teams heading to Denmark from April 12-14.

While many of us are motivated to finally play competitively against netballers outside of the flatlands (let alone the Amsterdam ring), Copenhagen has proved to be a popular destination for nesties wanting to explore the sites (think Tivoli Gardens, The Little Mermaid, or for the more daring, Christiania). As well as shop, eat, bike around and simply enjoy each other’s company away from the usual surrounds.

So, as the excitement and preparation builds, we speak to two superstars from each of our Amsterdam teams destined for glory (or at the very least, a mighty good time) and gain some insight into the mindset of the social netballer travelling abroad.

Freetown Christiania
Expect a more alternative experience when visiting Freetown Christiania

Representing Team East at Copenhagen is our club’s “unofficial” stretching coach, Fay Beighton. Always keen to prevent injuries and those debilitating aches and pains after a heavy training session, Fay has been with the club since 2017 and has since become a tournament regular.

Fay Beighton (2nd top from left) with teammates in Stockholm, 2018.


“I opted for Copenhagen since it was listed as a social tournament and because I attended and enjoyed the other leg of it last year in Stockholm. There’s a really nice, mixed crowd going and I’m looking forward to playing some sport and doing some sightseeing together”, said Fay.

Personal goals: “To play a whole game without feeling the need to lie down on court ;). I also plan to take my camera out there and get some good shots of everyone in action”.

Team goals: “The general plan seems to be to play to win and/or have a lot of fun trying”.

Special prep: “We’re putting in a couple of extra training sessions as a team – which will hopefully help our dynamic on court come together. Also, I have been going to Ro-cycle a bit more often in an attempt to get my aerobic fitness up. Fingers crossed!”.

We wish Fay and Team East all the best of luck!



Representing Team West is easily our most vibrant and vocal (in a good way) competitor, Sebo Baase, who has been with the club since 2015. Naturally too, she was nominated team captain and is taking some extra steps in preparing herself and her team for tournament success.

Sebo Baase
Sebo Baase



“I chose the Copenhagen tournament because I have never been there before and the teams that signed up seem like good competition”, said Sebo.

Personal goals: “Going to this tournament, I’m hoping to have loads of fun with my teammates and get to know everyone a little better. I’m also looking forward to playing against other teams and with all the different skill levels, I’m hoping to learn a few things”.

Team goals: “I love competition, so I’m hoping that one of our teams (East or West) wins a medal”.

Special Prep: “Our team is training twice a week for about 2 hours at a time. We also squeeze in a little extra training sesh when we can. Plus, some players are doing individual trainings like jogging, spinning, boxing, etcetera”.

“I’m very excited and looking forward to a day filled with Netball Nerds ;)”.

Similarly, we wish Sebo and Team West lots of luck too!

Nyhavn, Copenhagen is a tourist must-see
Nyhavn, Copenhagen is a tourist must-see

By Blythe Forde

Blythe Forde is a member of Amsterdam Netball and regular content contributor.