Ready to get competitive? We have a bunch of awesome tournament opportunities in 2020 and we will be looking to send teams to represent Amsterdam Netball. Find below information on each of the tournaments that have been selected for 2020.  



A trusty European amateur tournament, for the ladies only. A lovely atmosphere with mixed-level netball

Date: 2 May 2020

Type: Ladies Tournament

Estimated costs: 100 EUR + travel


A popular stop on the European amateur netball trail! If we have the interest, we will consider sending two teams to this one.

Date: 30 May  

Type: Mixed 

Estimated costs: 120 EUR + travel 


Similar to Paris and Copenhagen, you can expect some decent netball and to see some familiar faces from the other amateur European teams!

Date: 20 June

Type: Mixed

Estimated costs: 100 EUR + travel


This is an advanced level tournament.  Therefore, depending on the number of sign ups, the team for this tournament will be selected based on skill level. 

Date: 25 July 

Type: Mixed 

Estimated Costs 100 EUR + travel 


What can we say - the best of the lot! You don’t need to sign up for this one just yet, but just so you know - it’s coming!

Date: 10 October 

Type: Mixed 

Estimated costs: 25 EUR

Looking for more?

Don’t see anything you fancy on this list but have something else in mind? We’re always supportive of individual efforts to organise friendlies - and there are plenty of fun social netball events in the UK, for example. If you’d like to suggest something, contact Lucy. 


To register your interest in these tournaments, please complete the tournament application form below.  To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to represent the club, please indicate interest in a minimum of 2 tournaments. There is no upper limit to the number of tournaments you can select. Note that completing this form does not guarantee your place in a team. We kindly request that you only sign up for tournaments that you seriously intend to attend.

If you have any questions about participating in any of these tournaments, or about how to sign up, please contact Lucy at

Sign up is open from 15 Feb - 2 March  - Teams will be announced by 9 March 2020 


Tournament costs: The estimated costs indicated above cover the tournament registration fee and the accommodation for the night before and night of the tournament. Once you are selected for a tournament, you will be required to pay a deposit of 100 EUR per tournament by 15 March 2020. This is avoid drop-outs which can affect the rest of your team

Selection: If restricted to one tournament, members will be allocated to either their first or second choice.

Drop -outs: In cases where teams have drop-outs later in the planning stage, players may be allowed to attend more than one tournament: if a space needs to be filled to ensure that the rest of the team can still attend the tournament, the spot will first be offered to those on the waiting list for that tournament, and thereafter opened up to the club. Those not attending a tournament already will be prioritised.