Amsterdam Netball Club makes its mark on the European circuit

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, Amsterdam Netball will host its third annual international tournament with a total of 18 teams competing for the tournament championship. Having confirmed a total of six Dutch clubs and twelve European teams arriving from destinations including Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and the UK, it has fast established itself as one of… Continue reading Amsterdam Netball Club makes its mark on the European circuit

The Friendship Bunch

For the first time in the club’s history, Amsterdam Netball crossed the English Channel to participate in its first UK tournament in the sleepy seaside town of Bournemouth, located in the south of England. While the club did not come away as tournament champions, they most certainly championed at team spirit, walking away as recipients… Continue reading The Friendship Bunch

The Berlin Bunch

Approaching the end of one of Amsterdam Netball‘s most hectic years yet, the club participated in its final tournament for the season in beautiful Berlin. Grabbing the opportunity to give our guys a run, this mixed team saw the likes of Mack, Peter and making his tournament debut for the club, Leenze, sharing the spotlight with… Continue reading The Berlin Bunch

Stockholm Victory for All

So…just as we were coming down from our victory high in Paris, it was time to refocus and back up the success in Stockholm…and sure did we deliver! Without building this piece up and leaving you in suspense, it is fair to say that our domination of the expat netball scene in Europe is well… Continue reading Stockholm Victory for All