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Our final, final, final farewell to Hannah!

Hannah Benson, 23, is one of our talented netball expats who is sadly saying farewell to the club (actually, at the time of publication, she has well and truly said her farewells and headed back home...“sniff!”). Originally from Newbury in the UK, she came to Amsterdam back in July of 2017 to undertake a placement…
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The Berlin Bunch

Approaching the end of one of Amsterdam Netball's most hectic years yet, the club participated in its final tournament for the season in beautiful Berlin. Grabbing the opportunity to give our guys a run, this mixed team saw the likes of Mack, Peter and making his tournament debut for the club, Leenze, sharing the spotlight with…
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Kingsday 2018

How did our members experience Kings Day? Ah King's day. That one day in a year where and orange shirt fits every skin tone, and you can day drink without feeling guilty. Our members definitely had a grand old time celebrating the King's birthday: Natalie (GK, GD) "We decided that for our first Kings Day…
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