Costa Brava Tournament 2018 – Team West

Lauren Varoude, guest author and GA for Amsterdam West, Costa Brava

A Netball Memoir… By: Lauren Veroude (Utrecht Netball Club co-founder ) Costa Brava 2018, 5.15pm. Head spinning. Two days of netball just completed. Feelings are mixed at this point in time, so several of us Westie chiccas head directly to the bar to order some beer, and some gin and tonic for the more decadent,… Continue reading Costa Brava Tournament 2018 – Team West

Stockholm Victory for All

So…just as we were coming down from our victory high in Paris, it was time to refocus and back up the success in Stockholm…and sure did we deliver! Without building this piece up and leaving you in suspense, it is fair to say that our domination of the expat netball scene in Europe is well… Continue reading Stockholm Victory for All

Member interview: Jasmine

¬†An exclusive interview with one of our favorite Amsterdam Netball expats! Netball in the Netherlands Jasmine Sue, at 28 years of age, is one of our star expats, having joined Amsterdam Netball precisely one year ago. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, she has spent the past three years working and traveling her way through Europe and… Continue reading Member interview: Jasmine