About Amsterdam Netball

about amsterdam netball

Our clubs journey began when two Netball-loving ladies, Delle and Nadine, decided to set up a Netball team in Amsterdam in the spring of 2014. From there Amsterdam Netball was born and we haven't looked back since! Amsterdam Netball now counts over 60 regular members and in addition to just playing Netball once a week, the club also strives to develop players skills with focused trainings. Since the launch in 2014, Amsterdam Netball has competed in more than 10 international tournaments with like-minded clubs all over Europe! Always finishing in the top three, the club has been able to distinguish themselves as a stellar competitive team in the amateur European Netball scene.

Going forward Amsterdam Netball strives to:

  • First and foremost, offer a safe and familiar environment to her members
  • Encourage members to grow and evolve their Netball skills
  • Develop Netball in The Netherlands by setting up a National Dutch League
  • Unite fellow amateur European Netball Clubs by hosting annual tournaments and encouraging the development of Netball in Europe
  • Have as much fun as humanly possible

Our goals


Netball is a prominent woman's sport (although we love having men in our club!) and we want to motivate women of all shapes and sizes, to lead a more active life by playing Netball. 

Wanting to join our club doesn't mean you have to have years of Netball experience though. We encourage anyone: expats, Dutch natives and everything in between to join our club! 

Getting people up and moving is our biggest goal, and hopefully we can inspire others to do so as well!


Looking forward, we are eternal optimists and envision a the glorious Netballing Nation of The Netherlands, matching the likes of Australia and New Zealand. 

Keeping it a bit more realistic though, we are dead set on developing a National Dutch Netball League. This will enable us to attend major international competitions and even get a place on the World ranking! 

Our goal is to send a National Dutch team to the European Championship within 5 years. Fingers crossed! 


It's not easy setting up an entirely unknown sport...in a foreign country! But more and more grassroots Netball teams all over Europe keep sprouting up.

We want to unite these teams and establish a supportive community for club leaders. One of the ways we want to do this is by hosting an annual tournament in Amsterdam.

This not only encourages friendly competition and development, but it's also a great starting block for clubs to connect and share experiences

We are also affiliated with the following organizations:

Netball Europe
Nederlandse Culturele Sportbond








Vice President


Vice Secretary

Marie Keeling

Vice Treasurer

Mack Patterson

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